Club Rules



Termination of Associate Membership


1 – In these Rules,

(a) ‘The Company’ means  Friends of Arundel Castle Cricket Club Limited.

(b) “Members “are members of the Company within the Companies Act 2006 and        as described in Rule 6 below

(c) “Friends” are associated members of the Company entitled to the privileges and subject to the obligations set out in this website and in these Rules  and as described in Rule 4 below                          

2 – Every Friend on joining the Company undertakes to comply with these Rules.

3 – Neither the Company nor any Officer or member thereof shall be liable to any other Friend or guest of a Friend for any loss of or any damage to any property occurring from whatever cause in or about the Company premises; nor for any injury sustained by any Friend or guest whilst on or entering or leaving the Company premises. A notice to this effect shall at all times be displayed in a prominent position on the Company premises.


4 – A Friend (a Life Friend, an Annual Friend or an Honorary Life Friend, but not a Junior Friend) shall be an associate member of the Company and has the right to attend and speak at a general meeting. A Friend shall have no right to vote at a general meeting except in respect of a resolution to approve the annual accounts, but a Junior Friend shall not have this right. A Friend is not a qualifying person for the purposes of calculating the quorum for any meeting.

5 – A Friend shall be entitled to obtain a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company from the Club office.

6 – The number of Members and Directors of the Company is limited by the Articles to 15.

7 – A Friend shall consist of a Life Friend, an Annual Friend, a Junior Friend as defined by clause 16 or an Honorary Life Friend. The status of Friend shall be open to any person or minor whose application has been accepted by the Company. Such acceptance will normally be delegated to the Company Secretary.

8 – A Friend may be elected to become a Member of the Company and a Director of the Board of the Company by being proposed and seconded by existing Members and then being approved by the Board.

9 – No person shall be admitted as a Friend or be entitled to any of the privileges of a Friend without an interval of at least two clear days between their application to become a Friend and their admission.

10 – a) Every Friend shall receive a designated card which must be shown to any Officer, Official or Servant of the Company who may reasonably require at any time to see it and who may require any Friend to sign their name or provide any other means of proving their identity. Any Friend who refuses to show their card or prove their identity when so requested may be asked to leave the Company premisis.

            b) Duplicate cards can be applied for in writing to the Club Office specifying the circumstances of the loss. The Company reserves the right to refuse such request and a charge of £10 duplicate fee will be made.

11 – Each Friend shall communicate their address and e-mail address from time to time to the Secretary and all notices sent to such address, including by email, shall be considered as duly delivered.

12 – Friends, other than Junior Friends, shall have the privilege of introducing guests (for whose conduct whilst in the Company premises, they shall be held responsible), provided that such guests have not been rejected by the Company as candidates to become a Friend, or that, having been a Friend, they have not been called upon to resign or been dismissed. A Friend who has resigned voluntarily may be introduced as a guest.                   Three guest passes per annum will be issued with membership cards. Such passes must be handed over on entry to the Ground.

13 – There shall be no limit on the number of Honorary Friends.

14 – Any person (not Friends only) may make a gift of Friendship, Joint Friendship or Junior Friendship to any individual or individuals on submission of the details stipulated in Rule 11 and payment of the fee required by Rule 16. If the payment is made after 15th June the fee shall be half the Rule 16 fee.

15– The minimum dress code for the Pavilion is “smart casual with shoes.” Friends or guests with bare torsos or wearing vests or swimwear can be asked to leave the ground.

16 – Life Friends shall pay an amount fixed by the Board. The annual subscription for a Friend shall be fixed by the Board from time to time and notified to Friends and shall be payable on the 1st day of January in each year. The status of Junior Friend shall be available to minors between the ages of 5 and 18 years inclusive. On reaching the age of 18 years, a Junior Friend will be elected to become a Friend without further application. A joint subscription shall normally be one and one-half times the single subscription and a junior subscription approximately one-third of the single subscription.

17 – Notice in writing shall be sent to every Friend whose subscription shall be unpaid on the 1st March; should the subscription not have been paid on or before the 1st May next following, they shall cease to be a Friend. The Board, however, shall have power to re-admit a Friend who provides a satisfactory explanation for the non-payment of their subscription, subject to such conditions as the Board may from time to time decide. 

Termination of Associate Membership

18 – A Friend desiring to resign as a Friend may give notice to that effect in writing to the Secretary of the Company at any time in any calendar year, and if the Friend does so shall cease to be a Friend at the end of that year.

19 – The Board may, by resolution, expel a Friend if, in the opinion of the Board, the Friend’s conduct, or any action of the Friend whether in or out of the Company premises, is injurious to or inconsistent with the character or interests of the Company, or has been such as to render them unfit to be a Friend. Every Friend is expected to behave to others with due consideration. Discriminatory or similar behaviour will not be tolerated.

  1. Before the Board resolves to expel a Friend, the Friend concerned shall be given a fair and sufficient notice of the proposal and of the general nature of the grounds on which it is made. The Friend shall also be afforded an opportunity of explaining the circumstances and defending such conduct or action either by writing to, or by appearing before, the Board in person, accompanied by a representative, if the Friend so wishes, or by sending a representative.
  2. A Friend who is expelled shall, thereupon, forfeit all rights in respect of any claims upon the Company or its property and shall cease to be a Friend.


20 – The Company premises shall be open during weekdays, weekends and holiday periods at such times as shall be decided by the Board. 

21 – Any member or official of a company or team visiting the Company for the purpose of games, sports and matches and any member or official of any recognised organisation visiting the Company premises on any occasion or for any function organised or approved by the Board shall be considered an honorary Friend of the Company for the duration of their visit.

NB The Laws of England and Wales relating to intoxicating liquor (currently the Licensing Act 2003) and Safety (currently the Health and Safety At Work Act 2003) apply to the Ground and Friends are asked to be mindful of them.

Updated: 24 March 2022